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Import | Export Beauchamp International

Creator of flavours and producer of high quality essential oils with respect for the environment and human values.

Our activities concern raw materials in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health and food sectors.

The food industry has a very important market share for our company.

Our outstanding services

Essential oils

Since its creation, Beauchamp International has made it a point of honour to work with manufacturers to offer its customers pure and natural oils from all 5 continents.


With the help of a Research and Development laboratory, Beauchamp Intl. is able to formulate the aromas you are looking for.


Owner of a distillation company in South America, Beauchamp Intl. guarantees the authenticity and quality of its Citrus oils.


Distillerie Beauchamp located in Northern Quebec is proud to be able to offer certified organic essential oils from all Canadian conifers.

Production of essential oils Black spruce, fir, cedar and jack pine
BIO certified

The company

Our company's philosophy is based above all on EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, PERFORMANT and IMPECCABLE customer service. Import-Export Beauchamp International is well established and enjoys an impeccable reputation both nationally and internationally.


Why Our essential oils are the best

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of our concerns, which is why we are committed to service standards that meet customer needs.

Small quantities of products are possible

At Beauchamp International, it is possible to create a product in small quantities. Ask for a quote, you may be surprised!

Certifications and affiliations

Beauchamp International has several certifications and affiliations. Go and consult them.

Senior experts at your service

The senior flavourist, chemists and all Beauchamp International staff will put their expertise at your service!


All our facilities have state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for precise production and more!

We care about the environment

Since we draw from nature for our products, we try to reduce our traces as much as possible. In this way, we help nature to follow its course.

Beauchamp International: a committed company

Import-Export Beauchamp International Inc. has built a solid reputation as a producer, supplier and distributor of essential oils by sourcing the best raw materials, bringing together teams of experienced specialists, and constantly investing in research and development to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the industry. Our certifications and compliance attest to this. We are proud of our close relationships with our customers, producers and suppliers. These products are part of the raw material of 80% of manufactured products intended for the food, health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Since 2012, the company has owned a processing plant and produces flavours, aromas and essential oils. The company also has a fully equipped laboratory at the cutting edge of technology.


To our customers

Our customers are at the heart of our business. We are competent, accurate, conscientious, innovative and service-oriented. We offer a service of the highest quality because of the speed of execution, the short delivery times and no matter the quantity, small volume or large volume, the quality of service remains the same.

To our employees

Our employees, our most valuable resource. Welcomed to a family business all our employees are treated with respect, dignity and fairness. This contributes to a safe and healthy workplace that promotes commitment, openness and transparency. The diversity of our team and the ideas it generates are the source of our spirit of innovation.

To our planet

Our respect for the planet determines our values, which are translated into concrete actions:

  • Efficient use of energy and resources
  • Reducing waste
  • Maximizing our processes
  • Cleaning forests by using residues in the manufacture of essential coniferous oils

Towards quality

The quality approach is an integral part of our company project implemented to control and ensure the quality of products and services, production processes as well as customer satisfaction. We are certified HACCP, IPA, Ecocert, FDA

To our suppliers and partners

Import-Export Beauchamp International maintains excellent business relations with its many suppliers and producers throughout the world. Import-Export Beauchamp International continues to develop partnerships in different countries by working on continuous improvment.

Certified Kosher HACCP certified FDA registered HSS Department Ecocert Group GMP certified